Poetry from Joan Beebe

Softly treading through the mossy grasses in a pristine wood,
There is a feeling of peace that envelops you as well as
The strength that seems to fill you with a confidence not known before.
Gazing at dew drop leaves that sparkle in the sunlight
Finding the small beginnings of renewal from a once devastated forest.
Small shoots of trees that will become again a tribute to nature.
The constant moving and shifting of the earth causing new
Life to appear in the way rivers can change their course
Or new life may appear in remote areas of the earth.
Nature gives life to the world around us –
From the variety of animals, birds and those who crawl on the ground.
Each species contributes to the life of the forest and everyone
Benefits from the growth and renewal of the great forests across our land.
From a sandy shore we gaze at the far away horizon.  It seems endless but we know that it will end thousands of miles from us, at a distant shore.
The waters look peaceful but below the surface there is a constant struggle between Life and death.  All of the aquatic species have predators and the last one is man.
The oceans are constantly replenishing themselves to keep life and growth for the needs of our civilization. There is a  quiet and peaceful feeling in your soul when walking on a beach.  The shimmering sun shines down upon the sand causing the illusion of waves in motion as it softly runs between your toes.  You feel the water tickling and soothing
your feet.  One feels relaxed and free in this environment. 
Nature not only provides man with food, materials and water but  beauty beyond description and we are thankful for its gifts.

A Whisper
When you are alone in your plane,
You may hear a soft whisper.
Never are you alone because
Family and friends are flying with you.
Their thoughts, prayers and love will
Always sustain you.
You have a mission and the Lord
Knows every hair on your head.
You are in His everlasting love and protection.
Fly like an eagle, Kyle,  
And may that flight lead you safely to your home.