Poetry from Joan Beebe

While going for a walk, I came upon
A cluster of stones, so beautiful.
As the rays of the sun glistened upon them,
I picked them up and found one that was
Ruby red in color.  I had never read
Anything about such stones.  Being careful not
To spill them, still some fell into a
Hollow depression.  Fortunately I retrieved them
And decided I would walk across the small bridge
That led to home.  I put all those stones into a
Large bowl.  For a moment, the bowl of stones
Reminded me that I would rather have a big bowl of
Soup for my lunch.

I have made a lot of friends,
I know a lot of people
None of them are exactly alike.
But there is one that stands out
From the crowd.
From day to tomorrow,
Now to forever,
Our friendship will continue
To get better and better.
Thank you for being by my side,
But even more than that,
Thank you for trusting and believing
In me.
My best friend through my stormy weather.
A Morning Surprise
A little after 6 o’clock this morning,
While I was having breakfast,
This sleepy man walked into the kitchen
With a big smile on his face.
Well, I thought, this is different.
Then I learned why the big smile.
He had thrown his sock into the toilet
Instead of the laundry chute.
I couldn’t keep from laughing just thinking
Of that ridiculous scene and I would
Have loved to have seen the shock on his face.