Poetry from Joan Beebe

Often times, I do “wish upon a star”’ —
That bright twinkling light appears
And I think of my childhood lyric –
“Twinkle, twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are”
I gaze at that lonely star but soon the sky
Is filled with the bright lights of more twinkling  stars —
Almost covering the heavens above me.
 Our wishes should be our very own secret
While standing alone and gazing at
This star light night of beauty and wonder

The illustrious king of a country fair

There was once a king who sat on his throne,

Twirling his ring and pondering his kingdom

With a wrinkled worried face and he felt all alone.

Many protests and marches have taken place —

His country is frightened and all look to him as to his

Home they race.

Oh, King, protect us from evil around

We hope and pray that peace will abound

People have their issues and have a right to protest,

But violence and shouting by so many

Will never help to be heard but time we must invest,

May this kingdom be once again a country so fine —

For all ages and for all time.