Poetry from Joan Beebe

Fall, A Time of Harvest 
Fall, a time of harvest,          
 scarecrows in fields of corn.
The moon is bright and full with
Dark clouds moving slowly across making
It a bewitching sight to behold.
There is an aura of magic in the season–
A time of change!
Leaves now have colors of red, yellow and orange;
They fall sometimes in a whirlwind of beauty.
Scented smoke rises from chimneys–
Pumpkins appear in front of homes and
Red and juicy apples are ready to eat.
Apple pies are seen, not only in stores but
Along roadways, with signs urging you to purchase
Their delicious home-made pies.
The sun is shining and warm most days,
But the air is cool and crisp bringing
Energy and pleasure as we behold the beauty of this season!

The sun spreads its rays over fields
Full of the abundance of natures gift of food.
The nights are dark, cool and the hint of
Winter yet to appear.
We look up to the sky and behold this silent
 Sentinel  low in the sky.
 One feels you almost could touch this golden moon
With its Mysterious and intriguing darkened spots .
Our imagination begins to take flight
 As we ponder what could they be.
This time of harvest is also a time of thanksgiving
For its beauty and that the year has brought us
To this wondrous season of the Harvest Moon and
Earths  promise of renewal.