Poetry from Joan Beebe


Suddenly it seems so quiet.  The birds have stopped chirping,

No longer do you hear the rustling breeze through the trees.

Now we notice the sun is slowly fading and quickly

Darkness enfolds us in its eerie and encompassing determination.

Everyone is wondering when suddenly a thunderous boom is heard and

Streaks of bright light emanating from them are whip lashing in

Jagged forms across the sky.

The wind has become a gale and the rain falls in a cadence of dance,

Pouring itself out in a rhythm of its own.

You watch at your window at this splendid display of nature’s fury.

It seems dangerous but still you are frozen in place.

Nature, in all its magnificence is putting on a display long remembered

All is quiet now and the sunshine brings forth

Beauty in the sparkling raindrops on trees.

Children laughing and splashing in puddles they see.

A spirit of peace dwells within us and we know

That, once again, Nature will cause us to stop and wonder.