Poetry from Joan Beebe


There is something mysterious about hearing a train,

Its lonesome whistle in the middle of the night.

You wonder if it is full of passengers traveling

To places unknown to you.

Though the train is traveling quickly,

The sound of the wheels on those tracks in the night,

Seem to lull you into a sense of yearning.

Sometimes, you wish you were on that train on a journey

Taking you to adventures so exciting.

Exploring places about which you only have dreamed

You will ride through mountain passes and forests so grand

As well as the flat prairies of the mid –west where

The horizons stretch endlessly into the distance.

Listening to the sound of that train brings visions

Of exotic places too beautiful to describe.

Your longing increases and you run to your window,

Its lonesome and mysterious whistle is quickly fading.

The night is suddenly over and the bright

Rising of the sun wakes you to another day.

One thought on “Poetry from Joan Beebe

  1. I have been on that train in my dreams that became a reality once I started to write poetry and over the years the ride has become a treasure for me. Thanks for reminding me of why I travel at midnight.

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