Poetry from Joan Beebe


I think we all look forward to that

Break in our daily routine, whether

We work or we are at home.

In this busy world of rushing back and forth

Our dreams of fun and relaxation take over.

We browse through travel brochures and

The urge to leave our cares becomes stronger

 as picturesque thoughts take flight

 and our imagination soars.

Waving palm trees, glittering white sand,

Soft and soothing.

The ocean sparkles with the rays of the sun

Reflecting the beauty of the ocean rippled

With colors of azure blue and shadowy green.

Nature has brought peacefulness to one’s mind

And the stresses are carried away on the

Poignant sea wind.

3 thoughts on “Poetry from Joan Beebe

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  2. Joan, it has been a joy to watch you grow. You speak the language of simple life joys. You have brought me the gift of joy.

    • Thank you for your heat felt comments about my poem. It touches me deeply and helps me to keep going.

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