Poetry from Joan Beebe


California fires stretching across thousands

Of acres with trees and brush waiting to

Feed this monster’s appetite.

Great walls of flames devouring

The ready food of timber.

Flames and smoke rising higher into the sky,

But the ongoing march of this giant of fire

Still taking with it hundreds of homes

And other buildings.

Many evacuations and those people

Have no choice but to escape

The persistent oncoming wall of flames.

It will take many years to recover the land

And the normal lives of those who lost everything.

However, the day will come when nature will

Take over and the beauty that was once

There will again be glorious in its new life.








I feel young as the first fresh

Snowflake when

it gently covers my face.


I feel young as I dance to old and

New rhythms and the beat of the

Drums still thrills me as it did long ago.


I feel young when I join the crowds

In stores brightly shining with beautiful

Lights and decorations at Christmas.


I feel young when I hear the music of

Christmas as old memories flood my mind.


Yes. I am growing older but the beauty

Of those memories bring a warm and

Happy peacefulness that I will always






Sleeping soundly without a care,

When suddenly I heard a step on the stair

I arose from my bed and tried to be quiet

I was terribly afraid but thought I should try it

To find out what could be that woke me from sleep


So into the hall I did manage to creep

I looked all around but nothing I found.


Suddenly there was music from downstairs,

It sounded like a piano and again I was scared.


I decided I had better take a look and what did I see

But a big old cat running up and down the keys

A window was left open and that’s how he got in

That’s why I heard that terrible din.


So if night sounds disturb you, just think of this.

Those sounds can be funny with such a strange twist!







There is eerie silence surrounding you.

The sun has a hazy veil hiding its brightness

And the clouds are drifting in lazy patterns

Through the sky.


Suddenly, there is a very strong wind bringing

With it a quick change in temperature.


No longer do we feel the healing and warming

Sun over our bodies.


A few snowflakes are swiftly falling and twirling

In their own dance of winter’s call.


The time has come for “Summer’s End.”