Poetry from Joan Beebe


On this special day of celebration

We raise our flag in freedom once more

And watch parades with banners flying.

Old soldiers are there too and some are crying.

But we go on with thankful praise,

Because we know the sacrifices made

Some will sing our anthem of old

Then thank our God as the day unfolds.

We love our country so as we look at the stars

On the red, white and blue

And say once again how lucky we are.

To live in this country so beautiful and fair

And we end our day with a special prayer.

We stand as a people diverse in many ways,

But we stand united together under our flag.

Because America embraces all who made

This country so grand and what it is today.

So may America, the land of the free and the brave

Be a symbol of peace to all people of the world

And our flag will stand proudly as the years unfold.


2 thoughts on “Poetry from Joan Beebe

  1. This is a great way to remember what the day in 2015 should be like for all of us. I will keep this in mind on the 4th. You have spoke for my heart.

  2. Such a heartfelt poem, Joan! Thanks for sharing this and reminding all of us how lucky we are to live in the USA!

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