Poetry from Joan Beebe

Squeaky Things

Do you have things that squeak?

And wake you up so you have to peek.

We have floors that squeak and doors as well

Both squeak so much that I want to yell.

We have cupboard doors that squeak and, to tell the truth,

We also have teeth and bones that creak and squeak.

So to close my mind to all that din,

I go to my piano and practice a hymn.

But, wouldn’t you know as soon as I start,

The keys start squeaking and I fall apart.

I am going to take up the drums!!!



We often take for granted the beauty that surrounds us

But if we take time to open ourselves to the awesome  

Wonders of what nature has created, we begin to understand.

The purity of sparkling creeks bordered

By giant pines and rambling wild flowers.

There are the snow capped mountains where you are able

To experience the lost time of the glacier period.

While walking deep into the forests, we see the redwood

Trees standing majestically and rising every upward.

Walking on a lonely beach with the ocean waves

Tickling your feet, we come across shells of great

Beauty poking their bodies out and lying on the soft sand.

We hear birds calling to each other and, at times,

It seems to be their own harmony of joy.

Sometimes, we see beautiful rainbows arching

Across the sky after a rain storm.

If we are fortunate enough to be in the right place,

We are able to see so many blinking lights of the stars or maybe

a fiery comet speeding through the sky and then disappears.

We have been given a multitude of great gifts and

 For the wonders nature has provided, we are grateful.

4 thoughts on “Poetry from Joan Beebe”

  1. I have been to this place in Vermont…watching as a star fly by and the lights of the midnight from the eyes of a little boy in a man’s body. It is these images that brought me peace after so much turmoil. Thanks for the scenery.

  2. I hope you would share more of your work…I love the peaceful nature of your poetry. My email address is MJRobinson@Rollins.edu Feel free to contact me. I would love to share poems with you.

    Kind regards,


  3. Joan,
    I so enjoyed meeting you today at church. I read your poetry and essays and what a delightful read. You are very clever with your ides and I enjoyed visualizing the Adirondacks through your eyes and heart. I have a nature connection also as we feed the birds and are blessed to have a full compliment of Woodpeckers, including 3 Pileated Big Ones. I look forward to more of your posts.
    Blessings and Mercy be with you, Cheryl

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