Poetry from Joan Beebe


The year flies by and all too soon,

we think of so many things we have to do.

The list is long so getting ready takes time,

The kids have their list and I have mine.

We think we will stop all the extras this year,

But suddenly find ourselves the same

As decorations appear.

We run to the mall several times a week

And walk the mall over for the items we seek.

We  promised ourselves to keep the spending lower

But we look at our checkbook and know the marketing power.

So,  sadly we try to sort  our mistakes

Balancing our checkbook, — have we got what it takes?

We promise again that next year we’ll do better

And I know what I’ll do, I’ll write myself a letter

As a reminder of the promise I’ve made

And then make my list before what I will need fades.


Time is a word that is hard to describe

But we seem to have our own way of thinking about time.

There is the time of childhood where we have no worries

Then there is the time of school days and we have to study,

Perhaps we participate in the after school sports and start dating.

Time goes on and we graduate, start new jobs and buy a car which is

An old one and sometimes it didn’t work.

We meet someone who becomes our spouse and our dream of a beautiful

Wedding comes true.

Our life together begins in an apartment but later we buy our first house.  We have

babies and the time seems to fly as we raise them.

Soon they are off to college, then find a job and find their spouse for life.

I think sometimes younger people are at a loss as how to talk to

People older than they.  But, really, we have so much in common.

Their path of life, in most cases, will follow the same path we have.   Older people

Do have a strong connection with the young and we so welcome their

Conversations and friendship.

We become senior citizens in no time but we are alone again to enjoy the time to

Be together, pursue interests that we never had time for before.

Yes, time is an elusive thing of which we are never aware.