Poetry from Joan Beebe

A Night of Love

A star appears in the sky

And shepherds look in wonder

Again, 3 Wise Men look

And decide to follow that star.

It led them to a stable

Where they found a baby in a manger of straw

Somehow they knew they were

Looking at the Savior of the world

And they fell on their knees

To present Him with the gifts they had brought.

There was gold, frankincense and myrrh

Love for the world was born that night

The Music of Christmas

We listen to such beautiful music

During the Christmas holidays.

Choirs in church are

Singing the traditional hymns

As well as some newer  and their

Voices blend in a harmony of  beauty.

Stores are playing the music of’

Songs and instrumentals that we have heard

Over the years and we remember’

Our long ago celebrations with families

Sometimes, our own traditions remind us to sit with

Our lights off except for the lights on the Christmas tree and

Listen to the Music of Christmas.


Christmas Memories

As a child, waking up to the glowing lights on the Christmas tree,

Presents scattered under the tree brightly tied in ribbons of red, green and gold.

Laughing and looking in wonder at the surprises which awaited us.

Listening to Jingle Bells and the music of Christmas

After a special breakfast that included a tasty sweet,

We all got ready, climbed into the car and drove to church.

I always liked to look at the Nativity Crib,

The figures of Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus, angels

Were so beautiful and life like that I would stare at them

Too long and my mother would have to move me to the pew.

It was a joyous day of playing in the snow,

Finding a hill to use our new sleds and then

Laughing with excitement as we rushed down the hill.

The day was over much too soon and it was time for bed.

I took my new doll with me and my brother took his new baseball bat.

Yes, the memories of Christmas as a child will always be a part of me.


The Passage of Time 

Like the wind blowing here and there

Changing to barely a whisper,

Time eludes us in the passing of days.

We look forward to a lovely spring

After a cold and snowy winter.

Time passes and we awake one morning

To the warming day with its

Promise of blue skies, pretty flowers

The sun in its splendor.

Time passes and soon we hear

Summer rain, thunder and wind.

But when it is over, there is

A beauty to the quiet and stillness we feel.

Again, time passes and the leaves

On the trees start changing color.

We are now in Autumn, a kind of

Magical season with scarecrows, full moons

And children trick or treating.

There is a sunny but cool, crisp air and

You breathe it in because it pleases you.

Finally, time passes and we see snowfalls, enjoying

The first one as it seems to sit on the trees in a dazzling light.

Pine trees are a picture of such natural beauty

Now we watch with smiles as

Families are playing with their children

And building snowmen.  Sleds are

Brought out for fun, sliding down hills,

Then rushing back up the hill to

Fly down it again and cheeks

Getting red in the cold.

Christmas brings much joy to the

Family celebrations and there is

A different sense of peace in the world

Our passage of time for this year

Is now complete.