Poetry from Joan McNerney


Another Night


Once again waking

to flashing blue lights.


More guns,

more assault weapons,

more mass shootings,

more death.


Darkness pierced by sirens,

angry screams,

air spinning with smoke.


Blood on streets

slick and slippery.


My weary eyes want

to stay shut and

my lips pray for

long nights of silence.







“A” train


brassy blue


bleeds upon rails.


blue, white flashes

leap forward.

they move, they move

constantly they move.


close your eyes

watch points

like stars


think now

how insignificant

you are

compared to train

speaking for itself


stars known

in no language



tiger’s eyes


brain in

constant action



to what we do not know

plans of distant stars

galaxies floating by as


“A” train

silver worm

bursting through

big belly

of city





Eleventh Hour


Wrapped in darkness we can

no longer deceive ourselves.

Our smiling masks float away.

We snake here, there

from one side to another.

How many times do we rip off

blankets only to claw more on?


Listening to zzzzzz of traffic,

mumble of freight trains, fog horns.

Listening to wheezing,

feeling muscles throb.

How can we find comfort?


Say same word over and over

again again falling falling to sleep.

I will stop measuring what was lost.

I will become brave.


Let slumber come covering me.

Let my mouth droop, fingers tingle.

Wishing something cool…soft…sweet.

Now I will curl like a fetus

gathering into myself

hoping to awake new born.