Poetry from Loretta Siegel

This I Believe


I believe in life.

I believe in love.

I believe in goodness.

I believe in nature.


I believe in rambling in the rain and sloshing through the snow.

I believe in chasing rainbows and butterflies.

I believe in riding on carousels and caressing camellias.

I believe in petting dogs and stroking horses.

I believe in singing to the stars and dancing in the dark.

I believe in watching fish act funny and watching funny boys catch fish.

I believe in swimming in the sea and sunning in the meadow.

I believe in beauty – the beauty of the soul.

I believe that the glow of happiness makes a person beautiful.

I believe that we are all gifted in unique and beautiful ways.

I believe in sharing experiences, knowledge, feelings.

I believe that, through sharing, we learn how similar are our needs.

I believe in communicating; it is a life-giving force — powerful, necessary, exhilarating.

I believe that the human being is a wondrous creature — capable of loving, caring, giving, creating, inspiring.

I believe that the potential for goodness and godliness lies within each person.


This is my credo for a better, more peaceful world.