Poetry from Mahbub

Suddenly At Noon



I was lying at noon

Suddenly a sound of cock’s calling voice reached my ear

At the same time a bird, after that a crow and dove

One by one serially raised their voice enough to disturb my sleep

My heart swelled and I felt like love

I went to the past years when I wandered here and there

Like the stars in the sky

And enjoyed the noon in silence with the voices now I here

Then I was outside home, now in the room

Love both too much

Life speaks sometimes for regenerating life with so many

To lead in this charming soothing heavenly harmless world

A source of reaching the perfection of love.



A Realm of life



There is nothing to sob

Nothing to fob

Extremely cold freezing outside inside

People watching missing

Staring at the moon

The stars, the sisters

The heavens, the earthly bodies

Slings to the back door

Here they fight, hide

Cooking and making the roof

The sky is green, the sky is dark

The sky is red, the sky is white

O signal light,

Don’t you see the frantic, catastrophic

Victimized, water-muddy life?




A Moonlit Night



When I am bare of soft touch and speech

Eyes shed

Mind waves

Darkness surrounded

Over my head

A full moon rises in the sky

Feeling too much

You debarred me from your breast

Bathed in the soft light

With the fragrance of the night-blooming jasmine, tube rose

My eyes glares at the queen of the night

Reflects the beauty and scent I enjoyed

My adoration, my love

O my world, you gave me a lot I get and lose 

How charming the moonlit night!



Speechless Time


I’m walking in this road so many years

So many years watching the trees, the bushes, the flowers

The sky over my head enlightens

As is in my heart always

I am a man, a learner also reading and writing

Looking at the old and new faces for so many years

So many years I go closing this mouth

I advance; I proceed to have the light

I remorse I am to come back

Without saying any word

In this way time finishes

Man comes, man goes, and man passes away

The sky shines always for the new

See the objects, observe the subjects

Roll on and move on always

They sing in my heart

They cry in my heart

They talk to me every now and then.



Rolling in One


I owe to the parts of my body

I owe to the parts of yours

We meet together, get together, laugh together, cry together

Hang together and what not?

I am in you, you are in me

Always you to me, I to you

Joint by joint, die in ecstasy

Devour me dear; to be in tight more and more, a feeling, softly moving

The whole taste is in my mouth

Like a basket rolling round in one.





You made this hiking for me

I went out with my utensils

You know I love the world you dream

You made a field book to reach the goal

This is my compass to fix the direction

Then I take my steps and follow the signs

You draw on the turning point

You are so caring like the silent breeze by the river or lake

You are so soft feeling I never forget

I love to see the birds

I love to eat the grass

I love to run with brass

I love to make my woven

I love to lie in the camp

I love to cook my own

When I reach the goal

I decode the hidden number

You open my door

And find out my own place to live.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh



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