Poetry from Mahbub

The Sun Eclipse



I watch the sun over my head

Covered with darkness

I drowse feeling so weakness in my body

But you can’t guess to see the face or body

I speak with you, deliver my lecture

All goes as before as usual

My inside is covered with death

The world is departing from me

When the sun is covered with the moon

I reside, sit beside you

There is no light to reflect

I turned back to home

And take a pathological rest

Then the light moves on my eyes

I start for the day.




Day Dream


Loving the sky I came to you

Like a butterfly I flew to the every corner of the ground

Broken my heart around

At last I got the prize

You laughed at me but I continue

And I continue the love I nourished for you

Dreamed a lot with sweet mixing

I lost my tenderness having too much day and night

And mind bends always on the light and shade of you

Like the ripe mangoes together swings my head

You tasted a lot to your hearts content

Nothing to move, nothing to say

I lay close to the sky beside the moon

I know the refusal gift must be the new

Catch up the golden beautiful hands

Staring bound with glittering eyes.



No Chaos Here



You fight for the right

You fight for the might

You want to dominate all by your own

Though you know you can not

You like to run on the wrong to win the race

You know the judgment of the humanity

You do judge and observe the whole

We see what you do

What’s the right and what not

When I see only the branches of the tree

And the vast land blue and green

Soothes my eyes, fills the mind

And after a long way walking

Towards the open sky land

Go to bed and have a sound sleep 

No disturbance of any other firing

Bombing or tear gas throwing

Bound to nature, nature to me

A constant play both for each other

No chaos here, no sorrow, no cry

No lamentation for the loss of the near and dear ones.

You can say, ‘A vagabond learner.’



I lay an egg every night


I lay an egg every night

This egg day after day gets larger in number

You, my companions enjoy the taste

And appreciate that I feel so excited

The eggs once got warmth of the feathers

Over the new born babies the new sunlight

I became so happy with the off-springs

And celebrate the day by a party

All the guests whispered

How charming! How charming!

I lay an egg every night for you, my friend.



Sleepless Night


Nowadays I can’t sleep at night

Sleeping nights once very favorite to me

It was as though you were my sleeping peel

And then slowly I became very fond of sleeping

Gave me much pleasure and freshness after rising from bed

Whenever I got time o my loving bed I slept

Nowadays I can’t, my friend, why? is it for age?

Now I am at the age more than forty years

In the meantime my mother passed away suddenly

Leaving me alone breaking my heart flooded the eyes

Painful thoughts often pinch all my body and soul

Sometimes water rolls down from my eyes in my solitude

O mother, I lost you I lost you for ever

O sighs you will never stop because

She is flowing in my blood in my eyes

After that deep cries and thoughts

All seem to be green and fresh

In the dewy sunny morning

It appears that nothing will go out of reach, light of glory

O heaven, o joy, peaceful sight, sleep how can I get back

O mother, sleep my mother as you gave me sleep burning the midnight oil

I pray for you as you sang for me to sleep every night.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


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