Poetry from Mahbub


A Shining Beauty On Her Face


Beauty was sparking on her face

It was shining in dark night

The moon light failed

It was she, my beloved, my heart

Though she hardly pay any heed to my words

But I fell in love

Could not think others without her

She was in my heart, in my mentality, in my thought

The cows, the sheep, the goats were grazing on the land

The sun was going to sink in the west

The glow of light reflected

On my eye

I saw, I observed nothing but my love, my darling

But how could I move

I kept myself always back

She looked but I could not approach

In this way the days passed

Time came to her, she got married

I had nothing to do but lament over

And sank into deep thought

Think whether I am alive or died

Became so nervous and passive mood

Acted on my body

Bent upon thought

That was only for my side

She never informed

From that I speak less

Though before it was aloud a lot.





A Love Built In Us


No crash with the ice-berg

No sinking, no death, no loss of life

We are making a journey with the ship

Not Titanic, small but lasts longer

Than imagined to be in mind

There is no crash in touch

No decay and death

Though happens we remain intact

This time it appears to be the same

A love built in us can never lose

Be found here and there everywhere

You can see the mark

From where you start to search.



I Write

I write, what I write

I don’t know, I know only I write

I write that overflows my heart

Blows on the wind, try to keep

In the leaves that falls from the trees

This floats on the screen

You see, I see

How wonderful the world!

Charming around me

I see the beauty, see the ugly

Pours from my heart into the jar

The mind you taste and quench the thirst

What a feeling!

Smile glows on my face.


Death of My Maternal Aunt  


My maternal aunt went to glory this morning

She went away from us for ever

At the time when I was composing an article

The news came to me

I couldn’t believe but actually it is in fact

My heart sank into the river of sorrow

My whole body started to ache

She will never come to us

Tell us this or that

We loved her, respected her but suddenly

She went to glory

I’ll see her no more

She’ll never talk to us

Never we can have her soft love and affection

Drops of water rolling down from my eyes

I sank into the depth of speechless words.




In The Sight of My Eyes


Don’t go away, my love

You are my soul, my heart

When you first came to me

I could not understand

But actually we are made in one

Always we are in touch

That is the bond of us

Don’t go away as long as we exist

You are my faith to tell the secrets

You are my dream sweet in sleep

You are my hope I stand on

To you I can’t go without express

I am so helpless

You do possess the property to cultivate

You have lighted the thought in me

I can see.

Nothing appears to be as it is

If you are not seen in the sight of my eyes.


Balubagan, Chapainawabganj