Poetry from Mahbub


My guess


All the things seen or unseen

I can guess nothing

If you are not mine

Though I think you so much

I know you not as much

Its my daily routine

To stay before you

Read something and go back to work

In this way I pass my days

And finish my work

Days come and days go

In terms of time

My head aches, my breast pains

But you don’t pay heed to me

In this way one day I’ll die

You’ll see I’ll die

Then what would it be

Whether I live or die

I guess I only die.








Only for You


As rain drops on the earth

The plants and

trees get drenched

The birds quench their thirst

As you come to my life

My heart starts to breath

I think to be alive

As there is no rain

The world becomes hot and dry

If there no hope of you

The world is pale and dark






In The Humble World


We are in the humble world

Though not always can go the same

Sometimes it rages, makes storms and cyclones

Creates so many damages

You earn a lot of materials

Pass your days in colorful rays

I am in the world of not treasury

I can fly like birds

Free to judge

Free to invest and less anxious

Though not zero but it is more than something

Something is better than nothing

Blows the soft wind in the morning

Healthy and keeps the body free of disease

Birds are calling

Dews glittering

On the petals of the flowers

I walk on the ground

Opening the chest without pain and

The eyes can see the peace of light.




In the Eclipse


When I think to be here

And you remain absent

The sky hides itself in the darkness

I find myself totally in the place

Where I see

No space to move

Spread my hands to go forward

Can’t fix whether I am right or in mistake

O my dear it’s you

My light in eclipse

I look at the Lunar shy

In the midst of sun and moon

I can see the shadow

Where you walk with a glory

That it brings the full moon light.




In The Morning Sleep


I don’t know whether my heart is weak or strong

But today morning when I usually wake up from bed

I heard a sound of a certain bird

It reached my ear

I opened my eyes

Again I saw that my eyes closed

It was because I was then asleep

In the meantime the bird again started to call

Just beside my window

Now at this moment the sound entered into my heart

And pierced like an arrow

Made me afraid and I became nervous

Was hardly able to breath

I thought I was dying

At this I saw the roof straight

When I became fully awake

The bird again started to call

The voice was like a glass falling on the ground

Blowing on the wind to me

And fresh it was as the morning air.


Balubagan, Chapainawabganj