Poetry from Mark Young

 A line from Samuel Shuckford
 Recruited & looted from WoW's Faceless 
 Corruptor, tectonic action is dragging a
 full-grown mouse straight up the side
 of a refrigerator. Enormous fragments 
 fall into the abyss, supporting certain 
 recent scientific arguments that claim
 to have irrefutable proof giant volcanoes 
 are driving Big Data technology today.

 Skeptics say there is
 no easy way to test
 claims that any loosely
 defined subset of furry
 ponchos, fur-lined flip-
 flops, or sweater sets
 adorned with brooches
 will continue to float
 when cream is added
 to the pumpkin broth.
 Three geographies: 
 Puerto Montt
 Earthquakes have eaten the eye
 out of the cathedral. A fish was
 caught on camera attacking &
 eating a baby bird. There are 
 two sides to every story. These 
 are the first five to be displayed.
 The oligarchs of the
 Little Carpathians offer
 redemption in the form
 of chocolate-topped do-
 nuts covered in rainbow
 sprinkles. They ask only
 for a sum of money to be do-
 nated to ensure the efficacy
 of their ministrations.
 The Teutonic Knights came &
 went, usually accompanied
 by bloodshed, until the minting
 of Polish coins was regally
 approved. Much later Freie 
 Stadt Danzig. Then Lech Wałęsa
 sometime after the city had re-
 claimed its name. The diacritic 
 over the "n" is often omitted.

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