Poetry from Mark Young

at the new workplace


We rack up badges the old fashioned

way. Have a pair of tickets to give to

a democratic organization in Paris. The

impact of leadership on followers is

dependent on the number of divisions

& potentially conflictual splinter groups.

If you asked me to name my favorite

scents, I would refer you to geographic


distribution information provided by

Head Office in Germany. How a new

generator might bring either order or

chaos but that, due to forces of nature, a

family vacation to the borders of the dead

zone will be beneficial for yoga asanas.



Almost half of its coral is already dead


Clairvoyance. Sagacity. Seeing objects

with a great degree of probability. Boy

fight color cotton provokes a broad

range of reactions, eclectic, often contra-

dictory. Completely automates all

aspects of the parts trading process.

Examines the drift toward escalation of

dead end, white bread existence. I may


be grasping at straws here, but I want

to make sure the kids get student loan

money. That mother finds the time to put

the key in the ignition, act in the public

interest, accept the consequences of plain

packaging laws on the tobacco industry.


determined by the sword


V.J. uses cheap chips to generate

visions for the future in Viennese

waltz format. His new prototypes

incorporate all the improvements

that art can devise or industry

execute. They seem to universally

have an aroma resembling vanilla.

Occasionally he plays piano & organ


for the largest rabbit rescue & edu-

cation organization in the world.

Sometimes he takes residents of the

Botanical Gardens to deepsea diving

sites where various chemical reactions

indicate stages in their rites of passage.




the bondage of the soil


The most unheard of thing is that

her new band will be fronted by

the one & only alchemist linked

to the domains of synonymy,

polysemy, & cross-linguistic

semantics. Least-squares esti-

mation makes a big difference

when those Latin dances involved


in more mathematical areas like

image processing & weapon traject-

ory calculations are all dressed up

& chasing the circus trucks as if

they had some sort of deep meta-

physical connection with reality.