Poetry from Michael Robinson

You are not Alone

Michael Robinson (right) and fellow contributor Joan Beebe

Sitting beside you, watching you sleep,

Brings found memories of my childhood,

You watched me sleep, in the dresser drawer on a pillow,

You watched me cry, as I was teething.

All the little things you turned into love,

I watch you sleep, as I sit looking out the window.

It’s summer and the breeze are cool,

Remembering you taken my hand.

Now I take you hand and hold it close to my heart,

As I watch you sleep for the last time.



My sorrow is your joy,

A life of caring,

A life of devotion,

And love.

Sorrow is for me not you.

My sorrow reflects the love for you.

My sorrows will turn into peace,

As time pass, and I wait to see you again.




While looking in the mirror,

I saw your gentleness,

Looking into the mirror I saw myself

Through your eyes.




Waiting to see you again, time is too slow,

Being with you time is too fast.

Your life is too short,

And mine is too long without you.

I shall visit you when there is no more time.

Time will always stand still when I think of you.

Remember Me 


Remember me when you take your journey,

Remember me watching over you,

Keeping you close to my heart,

Remember me kissing you on the forehead.

Most of all remember, I will see you again.



It is you that gives me comfort,

As I sit with you,

I feel peace,

I feel alive,

I feel all the things,

About life that I learned from you.


Take Care of You


Sitting in that wheelchair after your stroke,

You tell the story of life,

There’s no need to take care of me,

Take care of yourself.




A card with words is empty,

As, I sit next to you.

A card does not exist for this moment,

There will be no sympathy card,

These moments with you are not sad,

Those of moments of treasured gifts between you and me.


You are not Alone


Leaving your bedside,

I’m not leaving you.

Leaving your bedside,

Is  just the beginning,

Of a new way for both of us,

Leaving your beside gives me comfort.



Your passing has brought us together

I find all the words I did not say to you,

Does not matter now.

What matter is we are together again?


The Letter

Dearest Mother,

I did not make it to see you in nursing home. I prayed on the plane coming here. Wanting to see you and let you know your son still cares and always will. The nurse told me that you went peaceful and hand the smile which everyone admired about you. You will not be missed, because your gift to us all was your joy of life. You will continue to give us joy in moments of quietness you spirit will give us all a chance to see what you give us all.

Yours truly,

All the sons in your life

Closing Poem 


Life without death is a meaningless life,

Knowing that life has an ending gives us a chance,

To enhance the beauty in ourselves,

Life without death leaves an empty shell.


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