Poetry from Sequoia Hack

Do Not Use Me As Deodorant, Jerry.

A lone nib of dark chocolate in

A bowl of milk

Like the coldness of neglect

That slides down your tongue that quivers

When Linda is not resting on your shoulder

Instead, I hit you hard,

Your soft belly bouncing like

Junior Mints in a toddler’s stomach

The acid

Destroys yellowed teeth then creeps to your toes

Dissolves all future aspirations because

Sudoku, Jerry, is not the damn way of life like your

Sick business of running beauty pageants in Montana

That recharge your brain cells ruthlessly shriveled

When I took Linda from you,

The light of thousands of Cheetos and olives

Gave you hope like Linda did. Oh yeah,

Linda is my wife now, here’s her number:

303-381-oh, sorry, you still have it written on a floorboard

Under a rug.

My Bad. Patch together your solid n striped life like make it all solid or

Fully striped because I cannot deal with you when doses

Of your yearning for love override

Chapped lips that crack

And crack until tourists from Rome come to see the new

Grand Canyon of the East