Poetry from J.J. Campbell

wading through the universe
i learned the three
damn chords and
grew my hair long
it wasn’t that long
after that i realized
i was born about
thirty years too
sometimes the joy
in simply wading
through the universe
is you get to see all
your fuck ups before
they even happen
eventually, you
figure out how to
defeat them
and once you learn
that then you can
realize that all you
ever needed was
power and a sense
of danger
that can attract a
woman way faster
than three damn

happy birthday
my forty first year
on this planet is
coming to an end
here soon
i no longer feel like
i’m just spinning
my wheels
i’ve actually made
progress on the grave
with continued hard
i’ll be down six feet
below before too long
many more of these moments
the fading sunset on christmas
a bag of gifts from a loving
family in the back next to
your dirty clothes
your aging mother in the
passenger seat, humming
along to a song from ac/dc
you know there won’t be
many more of these moments
before she’s gone
before her body finally gives
up and her soul flees like it has
been trying to for years now
you were never wired to be
optimistic or think fondly of
what could be
doom and gloom were always
more your speed
but a part of you has certainly
tried to live in the now
the present
the only fucking thing you truly
have any control over
nothing good happens when
you forget that
the one-legged poet
a restless night
spent dreaming
about all the
women that
said no
you certainly
should have
been able to
sleep more
than just five
blood clots
and arthritis
have finally
defeated your
left leg
given your luck
the only remedy
will be amputation
the one-legged poet
who knows
some fool might
think that is sexy
good luck with that
warned by my white friends
here comes the ghost
of robert johnson
explaining to me
why the devil ain’t
that bad
two shots of something
exotic while the next
band tunes a guitar
i have been warned
by my white friends
about these black
clubs before
you’re going to get
murdered one day
in there
that always made
me laugh
i tip well, love the
music and never
make a scene
i drive a piece of
shit vehicle and
never try to pick
up someone else’s
that’s not the kind
of behavior that’s
going to get you
killed anywhere
let alone on the
wrong side of