Poetry from Sylvia Ofoha


I don’t have a life,
I don’t have a dream,
End me now,
Claim my soul,
I’m sure you’ll reject it,
As I’m not worth it all.

Oh leave me alone,
I’m weak and feeble,
Strength is below my desires now,
As the grave is just within my grasp,
But fear of rejection from you is not certain,
As I am forgotten by you also.

Grave oh grave,
Beautiful are your beneath and within.
I’m too weak for second chances,
I want to go down as it is all I see,
Take me now,
As only you will accept me.
Face your fears and calm your heart,
For I have never forgotten you,
I am always behind and before,
I see it all,
I can calm the storm in your heart if you just let me,
I can bury you in the grave of my love,
And you and well within the confines of my heart,
Just leave yourself to me.

Calm your heart my child,
I am lord of all,
And protector of many,
Shield you I shall,
If you just let me,
Bless you I will,
If you accept me,
Another chance you are given

Take it and live,
My strength is yours.
You are never below my thought,
For you are mine,
And I love you,
And dwell in the abyss of my love,
For you are worth all,
And more.


I am crying,
I am hurting,
Come take me from here,
I dwell in the filth of my past,

Save me from me,
Save me from pain,
Take me to a safe place,
Where lullabies are sung,
I want to be free,
I want to smile,
I want to feel.

That day came,
I was free,
I ran faster than a stallion,
My heart beat faster than a cheetah’s,
Oh I felt the breeze on my face,
The rain covers my tears,
And the moonless night my fears,
I was happy,
I was at peace
I was free,
I was home.

But as fast as lightening,
It all came to an end,
My freedom was taken from me,
My soul was clouded again,
Why is my fate as dark as the depth of the sea,
Oh grave just open up and swallow me.

I have the right to freedom,
I have the right to smile,
I have the right to feel at peace,
And fight I would,
To keep up with the claim on my soul,
I would fight,
For it all,
Fight for all the good things of life,
I would fight,
Even till the end,
I will fight,
Till a smile never leaves my face,
I will fight,
Until my soul finds home and the freedom it so craves,
I will fight,
Till my nightmares are all over,
And the early morning sun creeps in.


Day has turned to night,
Night has turned to burning flames,
Fear creeping in like on gold as time.
Calamity kissing pain,
Failure embracing hurt,
Kindness clouded by greed.
Compliments drowned in savagery,
Smiles slapped by tears,
Happiness resigned to emptiness.

Deep in the abyss,
A plea for the morning rays,
Sings louder than voices of souls.
Dream begone,
Pain bestilled,
Fear be silent,
Listen to the voice of the sun,
Bathe in the depths of its righteousness,
Let thy eyes swell in its beauty.
As it all come to naught;
But an everlasting peace,
As you let thy heart embrace its awakening

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