Poetry from Lauren Ainslie



You stand, still and calm,

waiting for me,

waiting for something.

The proud ridges curving above your eyes make you look disapproving,

I am not in the mood to be disapproved.


There is dust on your scalloped feathers, dust in the crevices of your eyes.

Your short wick is clean and whole, the crown of your head smooth and unmelted.

Even as a child I knew not to disturb your beauty

and you have waited since then.


Waited with your yellow wings folded at your side,

And the thought of you melting away without ever flying

made the dust settle like first snow.


I am afraid to pick you up,

afraid that the warmth of my hands will smudge

your delicate wax feathers.


You are a blessing, but a sad one,

because I do not need you

I will never light you

but you look nice amongst my books.


Poetry from Kaia Hobson

“sunlit molecules”

I have never

wanted to breathe

in those

crepuscular rays

illuminating the coruscant dust

that does not float

down to earth

like the leaves outside

and suddenly

I wonder

if time matters to those particles


always drifting

until perhaps

                                                 they cling to


the dew that hangs

on my cloudy window

and remain

till they

d i s s i p a t e

Poetry from J.J. Campbell

wading through the universe
i learned the three
damn chords and
grew my hair long
it wasn’t that long
after that i realized
i was born about
thirty years too
sometimes the joy
in simply wading
through the universe
is you get to see all
your fuck ups before
they even happen
eventually, you
figure out how to
defeat them
and once you learn
that then you can
realize that all you
ever needed was
power and a sense
of danger
that can attract a
woman way faster
than three damn

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Poetry from Sequoia Hack

Do Not Use Me As Deodorant, Jerry.

A lone nib of dark chocolate in

A bowl of milk

Like the coldness of neglect

That slides down your tongue that quivers

When Linda is not resting on your shoulder

Instead, I hit you hard,

Your soft belly bouncing like

Junior Mints in a toddler’s stomach

The acid

Destroys yellowed teeth then creeps to your toes

Dissolves all future aspirations because

Sudoku, Jerry, is not the damn way of life like your

Sick business of running beauty pageants in Montana

That recharge your brain cells ruthlessly shriveled

When I took Linda from you,

The light of thousands of Cheetos and olives

Gave you hope like Linda did. Oh yeah,

Linda is my wife now, here’s her number:

303-381-oh, sorry, you still have it written on a floorboard

Under a rug.

My Bad. Patch together your solid n striped life like make it all solid or

Fully striped because I cannot deal with you when doses

Of your yearning for love override

Chapped lips that crack

And crack until tourists from Rome come to see the new

Grand Canyon of the East

Poetry from Joe Balaz



Plumeria Ikeda

wuz wun rambler and wun gambler.



Rather den just go Vegas

she kept on flying east


until she wen end up landing

by wun huge lake


dat looked as big as wun ocean.


In da city wit da Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

she suddenly found herself in Cleveland.


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Poetry from Ryan Flanagan

He Lost His Virginity to a Ball of Wool


His grandmother used to knit slippers

year round for all the grandkids

and –

during that entire summer he spent with her

he got ideas, finding himself home alone

he stared at the basket of wool on the floor

for hours, imagining the softness of each ball

before fingering himself a hole and defiling his favourite.

A large grey mass of fabric which he humped and threw away.

After that, he no longer considered himself a virgin.

And the slippers he got each Christmas

made him uneasy.


Precision Bombing, like Painting Your Nails

with a Bunker Buster Named Quincey



he yelled

like a chimney spout

full of soot.


Right to your house?

I asked.

Then I guess you’re



And he could tell

I was mocking him

which meant that he

was still there

in the outstanding

cable bill sense.


As I thought

about that chimney sweep

in a William Blake poem I had read

many years before.


And how no one escapes the prison

of anything if they don’t

want to.

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Short story from Vijay Nair


                               WUTHERING HEIGHTS RETURNS


Once again today I remember him after many years. Heathcliff, my infamous hero! I would not have forgotten him easily. He is Infact my own reflection. My own soul. I am literally an ophan like him. That’s why I love him so much. Is it an unforgivable crime a man be an orphan? Is it our mistake be born as an orphan?  Don’t we have a right to be loved? Don’t we have a right to express our feelings and emotions? Dear readers all of you know why and when Heathcliff  began to think about revenge. Isn’t it?


Look at me you all. I am crying….. My eyes vomitting  pools of blood! I know you people don’t believe me. You readers think that as I am a story writer I can imagine even if I am the King of Utopia!  But the truth is different. All the salty tears containing red corpuscles, pouring over and over again on my shirt incessantly. Now I am wearing a red shirt! Earlier it was pure white.


If you don’t afraid I would disclose one secret. Do you? Ok. I trust you all.

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