Art by Julie V. Garner

Artist Statement:

“I am often moved by the textures, patterns and shapes found in the structures that I encounter in my daily life. I believe they reveal much about us as we are now, or as we once were.  I also believe that architecture exerts an influence on us, even when we are barely aware of its presence. It can heighten or dull our senses, focusing us more into the present or causing us to rush through to the next place.”

“My artwork involves applying textile techniques to photographs that I’ve taken. For the woven pieces, a scene is chosen and photographed from several points of view.  I then make multiple prints of each picture and physically slice them to create warp and weft. This allows me to blend different perspectives together using a technique inspired by tapestry weaving.  Abstraction is gained by selectively offsetting the strips in relation to each other with the intention of causing a brief sense of disorientation meant to draw the viewer more closely in. Because my method is deliberate, detailed and time-intensive, I am able to experience each scene intensely and appreciate its subtle details. It is my hope that some of this experience is conveyed to the viewer, perhaps connecting them to their senses and their surroundings a little more.”

– Julie V. Garner

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