Art from Michael Dickel

David Broza at Masada

Josephine Baker in France

Last Night’s Storm

Michael Dickel’s prize-winning poetry, stories, & photographs have appeared in journals, books, & online—including: SketchbookZeek, Poetry MidwestNeon Beamwhy vandalism?, & Poetica Magazine. He lives and works in Jerusalem at the moment. His latest book of poems is Midwest / Mid-East: March 2012 Poetry Tour (

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  2. Thank you for these, Michael. I will now read your poetry. I wish I had thought to caption my photos. I must have missed a place to do so, so I’ll comment on mine with captions. I know your poetry will be good – looking forward to it.

  3. Thank you, Julie. I send the list of titles when I submit the works to Synchronized Chaos. If you do your own posting, there’s often a way to add a caption when you insert media, or there’s going to html code and adding the caption tag…I’m glad, though, that you liked the images and that they inspired you to read the poems. This month, they are a bit dark. You could find a lighter taste of my work in the November and December 2012 issues of Synchronized Chaos.

    Thank you, Julia. You were there when I took the photos that eventually ended up being the Josephine Baker piece. I am so grateful to you and Walking the Spirit Tours for that wonderful trip.

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