Artwork from Robert Fleming (one of two)

Large orange disco ball with a deep blue background
The Great Disco Ball of Fabric, London
Light blue and darker purple disco ball against a light orange background
The Great Disco Ball of Studio 54, NYC
Silver disco ball against a light green background
The Great Disco Ball of the Paradise Garage, NYC
Light pink disco ball against a dark green background
The Great Disco Ball of the Warehouse, Chicago
Each of the previous disco ball images arranged in quadrants
The Great Disco Balls #1

Middle aged white man with a bald head and a black tank top.
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming (b. 1963) is a visual poet from Lewes, Delaware, United States. Robert follows his mother as a visual artist and his grandfather as a poet. His art is influenced by the artists Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso. 

"My disco ball series is inspired by Andy Warhol’s painting/wood cut of Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe ( Like Andy, I created four separate disco ball images and then in a new image combined all four images. I chose the background to have a contrasting color to the central disco ball. I find contrasting colors by using the color wheel and doing a google search “what is the opposite of a color (e.g., blue)." To place the disco ball in the center of the page, I used Canva, editing the disco ball image to be aligned to the center. The works were named by concatenating the prefix “The Great Disco Ball of” with the suffix from the google search, “what were the most famous discotheques?” and picking among the top 20 that were in different continents.