Book Review: The Four Generations: Why You Do The Things You Do!

[Reviewed by Nick Paxton]

Ayokunle Adeleye’s archetypal foray into the realm of human understanding is both symbolically rich and culturally relevant and, while it does not provide readers with a new found understanding into the vast network of interpersonal human pattern recognition, it provides strong examples for readers to identify with and a solid foundation of knowledge for those wishing to familiarize themselves with social contextualization on a personal level. Heavy biblical references and allusions to humanities prototypes blend harmoniously with lighter bits on the power of human understanding and tips on how to maximize your own personal power. The health information, which explains how metaphysical energies are manifested in the flesh via physical appearance, creating visual reference markers for our cognitive perceptions to process, is both thought provoking and highly entertaining.

Given the translated nature of the book, the writing is fairly well structured and moderately engaging, though some choppy bits and vague pieces will might leave readers disoriented. Though by all means filled with pop psychology, the religious and cultural aspects create a semblance of divine connections that does challenge readers to consider why these structured personalities exist and how they could potentially be a part of a larger blueprint of the universe.

Onto the content itself, the idea that humanities infinite diversity can be summed up in four boxed identities may disgruntle or turn off readers looking for a deeper, more revealing look on the human experience, but the novel makes no gestures of false pretense and humbly asserts itself through clever writing and a true belief in it’s content. Overall, a interesting way to spend a few hours, though perhaps not a reason to drop that psychology textbook just yet.


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