Brian Barbeito reviews Jacques Fleury’s You Are Enough: The Journey to Accepting Your Authentic Self

A Well Organized and Thoughtful Work Has Been Written by Jacques Fleury

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By Jacques Fleury

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Jacques Fleury’s book is a fine read, and will be inspiring and informative for many readers. The book is about the author’s journey of self discovery and acceptance, spanning an entire life still being lived. Students of many disciplines will gain from reading it including but not limited to sociology, philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality, and social justice. 

The structure of the book is well done with headings that are interesting and informative quotes from other authors. Fleury is a careful and considerate writer who has put much thought into his project. The reader is in soucient, capable hands. 

I see the author through this work not only as a survivor, but a thriver. From Haitian Christian school that was difficult, and then emigrating to North American soil, the author addresses issues, but does not become cynical or jaded in his journeys. Obviously well read plus practiced at writing, he expresses his thoughts on everything from diet and physical health, to education and spirituality. He is on a journey of self discovery as a human and as a writer. 

Among particularly interesting aspects of the book are the parts on modern mental health pharmacology. Without demonizing the industry, the writer has the talent to articulate the idea that people encountering that industry via its adjacent industry of therapy might want to proceed with caution, and self advocacy are the words of the day. This is a timely and important message in the current climate of so many pills to solve so many problems. 

Another topic covered well is the idea of masculinity and what it is versus what it is thought to be. It seems the author is able to identify what historically is the case for masculine behaviour and when not wholly accepting it still accept himself. This is courageous and an educational, thought provoking and an empowering aspect of the book. 

‘We must follow the energy that awakens the fire of the heart, and greet life with gusto and optimism, not sorrow and pessimism’ page 150. This is a great quote in the Fleury book that encapsulates the message of the book. In these troubled times of economic strife for many, homelessness, environmental decay, wars, continued racism and classism and other harmful isms, the book does not lose faith in people but strengthens the idea and hopefully reality that each person can through some awareness and self advocacy, create a better life. 

You Are Enough: The Journey to Accepting Your Authentic Self, is a thoughtful, well crafted and well rounded work of introspection and positively that we should all take the time to read. 

⁃ Brian Michael Barbeito 

You Are Enough: The Journey To Accepting Your Authentic Self is available here.

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Jacques Fleury

Jacques Fleury is a Boston Globe featured Haitian-American Poet, Educator, Author of four books and literary arts student at Harvard University online. His latest publication “You Are Enough: The Journey to Accepting Your Authentic Self” & other titles are available at all Boston Public Libraries, the University of Massachusetts Healey Library, University of Wyoming, Askews and Holts Library Services in the United Kingdom, The Harvard Book Store, The Grolier Poetry Bookshop, amazon etc… He has been published in prestigious publications such as Muddy River Poetry Review, the Cornell University Press anthology Class Lives: Stories from Our Economic Divide, Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene among others…Visit him at

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