Charlotte Severin – Painting a Celebration of Life

From Charlotte Severin:

Working mostly in Plein Air (on location outdoors) in watercolor and traveling all over the world, I also enjoy experimenting with different types of paper, such as YUPO or rice paper. But I also use a collage of several varieties of textured paper in some of my paintings.

Painting is for me a celebration of life, an opportunity to express my joy and awareness of the beauty and fascination of life all around us. Nature abounds with color and form. It fills my palette with warm earth tones. It flows on the paper in fields of bright flowers, dark mountains and blue green oceans. When I paint old buildings full of history, I feel a part of that time.

Painting also opens a world of people to me. When I paint the vibrant colors of a native marketplace I share again the excitement of that scene. My paintings are Impressionist Realism in the California Style tradition. They are a reflection of my soul and an embodiment of my feelings about all of life.

Charlotte has been honored with more than 30 single-person watercolor shows and serves as a signature member of the California Watercolor Association.

An inspired teacher, Charlotte has taught classical watercolor, Oriental brush painting and drawing in San Francisco Bay Area schools, both public and private, for over thirty years. Also serving as Artist in Residence in many schools, she has enjoyed lighting the spark of creativity in thousands of children and adults, teaching four weekly classes in watercolor for the City of Pleasanton’s Civic Arts program, creating a new vision for all of life.

Enthusiastic to share her joy of painting, Charlotte speaks for state conventions and conferences, teaching on topics such as “Art Made Easy” and “Art for Relaxation and Stress Management.” She calls her approach to art “Refilling Your Cup” and “A Celebration of Life.”

Charlotte Severin welcomes feedback on her artwork and requests for speaking engagements. You may reach her at 4513 Mirador Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94566 or call 925-846-6382.