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Peggy Wheeler’s The Anam Glyphs

The Anam Glyphs by Peggy A. Wheeler

The Anam Glyphs is another Beautimus Potamus book. This book shoud actually be read before The Splendid and Extrordinary Life of Beautimus. This book explains the Anam Glyphs that Beautimus would read every morning. This book also contains the same delightful humor. It also has some very good advice or suggestions that one could use their own life. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and the other on Beautimus. I am definitely a new fan of Ms. Peggy A. Wheeler.

The Anam Glyphs is available here.

Peggy Wheeler’s Beautimus Potamus

The Splendid and Extraordinary Life of Beautimus Potamus

Wonderful book, which Ms. Hughes enjoyed as well! Also available from Peggy Wheeler’s website.

Chaco by Peggy A. Wheeler

Chaco by Peggy A. Wheeler is a suspense/adventure novel. It is about Chaco who is a “handyman” for Abigail and Russell walker. Chaco holds a secret that he has not told anyone. He has a Phd in physics from a German university.He has been watching the skies through his powerful telescope for solar CME’s. One day his fears come to fruition and the CME’s have not only knocked out power to homes and businesses, but newer cars will not run, no internet or cell phones. No way to communicate or cook. When people realize help will not be coming, people begin looting, killing each other and some lose grip of reality. Chaco decides the only way to keep himself, the Walkers, their granddaughters and the neighbors, the Pennymons safe is to go to a self sustaining commune the Walkers daughter lives in 800 miles away, most of the journey on foot. This is where the adventure and suspense begins and intensifies. I would recommend this for older teens and adults. This will keep your adrenaline going and turning pages until the end. It was difficult to put down and the adrenaline keeps going when you reach the end. I absolutely loved it and will be reading it again.

Peggy Wheeler’s Chaco is available here.

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