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Elizabeth Hughes

Unpolished Journey by Morgan Blair

Unpolished Journey is a memoir of Morgan Blair’s journey through depression and an eating disorder. She tells her story through the use of pages of her personal journal. This gives the reader a true look into what the mental illness looks like and what it feels like to live it. This book will speak to anyone who is or has gone through this in a very real way. She lets others know that they are not alone and that it is okay to have these emotions and there is help. She lets the reader know that the road to a healthy life is hard work, however it can be done. This book touches on a very real topic and can help others are going through it or know someone who is.

Unpolished Journey isn’t available at this time but you can visit the author’s website here and learn of her other current projects.

Andre Mego’s Reverend Duckworth: How Kendrick Lamar Redefined Spirituality for Me

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Reverend Duckworth

Andre Mego wrote this autobiography about his love of hip hop music. He describes how he incorporated his love of God into the Hip Hop genre. and how any music can be used to get the word of God to people. I agree with that. Music can be very personal to each person, if people are learning about God’s word through whatever kind of music they listen to and use that to better themselves and their lives then it does not matter what kind of music they listen to.

Reverend Duckworth can be ordered here from Indie Bound, support your local bookstore!