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Muhammadamin Xojamov

Teaching elementary school students based on new methods

     International assessment systems, which are developed and put into practice as a result of high pedagogical factors in today’s developed period, at the same time serve as a practical experience for free assimilating students. The immediate main task of pedagogues working in primary school is to work individually with students whose learning level in the class or group is lower than the learning level of students who study well, and during the day and week. It consists of regular monitoring, analysis and continuous control of the student’s educational activity. The use of five general directions of pedagogical technologies is justified when working with children who have difficulty adapting to school, who have lost interest in learning for various reasons, or who are more talented in practical issues than in scientific research. These are child-centered education, interactive and modern methods of teaching, didactic game, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning technologies. Achievements in the fields of science, technology, production and technology require the creation of new generation textbooks for educational institutions operating at all stages of the continuous education system.

Types of independent work, first of all, should be carefully thought out by the teacher, directed to the educational goal and continuous. In this, the opportunity of each student should be taken into account, age characteristics, interests should not be neglected. One of the conditions for the mental development of students is to complete tasks by “remembering”. In this case, special attention is paid to the ability to define the plan and choose the work method while understanding (imagining) the purpose of the work to be performed, to be able to independently find the mistakes made and to correct them. It is useful to choose convenient methods, ask guiding questions, and recommend key words so that students can complete tasks quickly and correctly.

It is natural that students have difficulties in performing independent work with quality. Because their imagination is still bright and their vocabulary is not enough. Experiments show that children think faster when they work under the guidance of a teacher. In order not to get used to this situation, it is necessary to encourage them to think more independently. In order to attract the attention of students, mention the events in the text: “Why did it happen?”, “How do you think it should have been?” by asking questions like, approving his opinion, “if you think again, you will find”, “very good”, “very good!” it is useful to use encouraging words such as.

        If the child is satisfied with the first independent work, his interests will increase and he will start to do new types of work. The results of independent work should always be checked. Verification can be oral or written. Before writing, the child thinks, summarizes his thoughts verbally, and then begins to write them. He tries to express his opinion, make an observation about a question or issue that has been allowed. This process appears and is strengthened on the basis of (verbal) speech. For example, a student thinks before expressing his thoughts in writing. In a whisper, he talks about the names on his own (in pedagogy, this asset is considered active). The first forms of essay writing begin with such works. The child reads the text, analyzes it orally, comes up with titles, and plans what pictures to make.

          In primary grades, it is important to protect students from stress and various psychological influences, and to strengthen their knowledge through interesting games. The teacher’s use of games that encourage students to be smart and quick and to express their thoughts correctly and clearly gives effective results.

Abdullayeva Dilkhumor Abdukarimovna

37th general secondary school Primary teacher

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