Essay from Abdunazarova Khushroy

Summer vacation, when I was 13 years old, I wanted to learn Arabic. Then I told my mother. My mother was very happy. Then my mother said that she wants to learn Arabic. My mother and I asked my father for permission to attend an Arabic language course. My dad agreed. My mother and I were accepted to the Arabic course. Tomorrow will be our first lesson. That day has come. After half an hour, the course will start. At that time, my father suddenly called my mother. Mom and dad didn’t talk much. Then my mother said that she can’t go to the course today.

I had some fear and some excitement. I went to the course alone. I entered our study center and then our room. The tables in the room were almost full. There was an empty table behind, I went there and sat down. Everyone was talking to their partner. I was quietly observing the surroundings. There were both young and old. After some time, our teacher entered the room saying “Assalamu alaykum va Rahmatullohu va Barakatuh”. Everyone stood up and saluted. Our teacher said “You can sit”. Our teacher got to know all the students. He organized an introduction game. Game condition: The person sitting at the first table had to say his name, then his partner next to him said his name and himself. In the same way, everyone said their partner and their name in a chain. Everyone recognized their classmates. Then our teacher distributed alphabet book and husnihat book to everyone.

Our teacher explained how to read the book, how to keep the book. Then we learned the first letter of the Arabic language, the letter alif. Then we learned the Arabic vowels: Fatha, Kasra and zamma. I really liked the lessons, especially our teacher. Her cheerfulness seemed suspicious. At the end of the lesson, our teacher gave everyone homework. And they said goodbye to us in Arabic saying “You are on good way.” I went home in a good mood. I told my mother what happened in the course. I will never forget this day.

Abdunazarova Khushroy was born on December 21, 2008 in Jamashuy town, Mingbulak district, Namangan region, republic of Uzbekistan. She is currently a 9th grade student of the 15th specialized school. Winner of republican and international contests, participant of the regional stage of the Zulfiya state award, ambassador to 5 countries, coordinator, volunteer, member of more than 10 international organizations, author of many poems. Many creative works have seen the world. Member of “Leader Ladies club”. Winner of the 1st place in the interschool “Zakovat” intellectual game. Participant of the “Young Reader” contest. She wants to become a translator in the future.

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