Essay from Abdurazakova Murad

The Best Teacher

Acquiring knowledge is a priceless asset that demands persistence and hard work. Academics have compared learning to using a needle to dig a well. When someone acquires such a rare, asset, there is no question that the role that that teachers play is unequaled.

My intelligent teacher is Rahmatjon Muhammad Sabir. It has a great contribution in encouraging us to read books and in our love of science. One of the biggest lessons he taught me was to do small things and keep doing them. Every word is a lesson, and very action is an example. In my teacher, I see sincerity, discipline and strong will. He never spared his help for his students. He listens to each of us sincerely. For me, he is a modern, realist active acholar.

The saying ‘’Knowledge is true happiness’’ always gives me strength. True, this path is more complicated, but it is also noble in its place.

May God grant us paradise for the knowledge he has given us. May your knowledge increase even more.