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National values ​​of Uzbekistan, style of dress and “Atlas”

The Republic of Uzbekistan is known to many countries for its hospitality. The national values ​​of Uzbekistan do not escape the attention of any tourist or member of another country. Every nation on earth is distinguished only by its own traditions and values. values ​​and traditions did not appear in a day or two.

It is very important to protect our ancient traditions and values ​​and live according to them in order to avoid various harmful effects of today, to remain the owner of the national image and unique qualities characteristic of our people from time immemorial under any circumstances.

Every nation on earth is distinguished only by its unique traditions and values, naturally, such values ​​and traditions, which are the priceless wealth of every nation, did not appear in a day or two. The historical experience of mankind for thousands of years shows that it takes a long time for something to become a tradition, especially a value. Over the years, centuries, certain views, habits, concepts, and experiences pass the test of times and generations and become polished. If they are accepted, continued and become a tradition by the next generations, then they can now be called a national tradition and value.

Values ​​related to ethnic aspects and characteristics that are important for the nation are called national values. National values ​​are manifested in close connection with the history, way of life, spirituality and culture of the nation.

The national values ​​of the Uzbek people, which have been passed down from century to century, have been formed in a long historical process. For example, respect for the motherland where one was born and raised, not being able to imagine one’s destiny without this country, loyalty to the memory of past ancestors, constant respect for elders, maintaining modesty and dignity in any situation, in marriage Many virtues, such as special attention to cleanliness, form the basis of our national values.

Another topic is “Uzbek girls”. When we think of Uzbek girls, we think of girls wearing satin dresses with caps on their heads. Atlas fabrics attract every tourist. We can see satin bags, hats, clothes and shoes in our historical monuments and places.

      Adiba Pardabayeva
2nd year student of Nukus State Pedagogical University

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