Essay from Adkhamova Laylo Akmaljon

Outstretched open hand of a person of indeterminate race and gender reaching out to high cirrus clouds on a sunny day.

Always have confidence before you start anything, confidence plays an important role in the first place. You should always believe in the great success that follows your faith. Trust is the first priority in communication with people. No one will look at a person who has lost faith! Friends Lovers And of course, first of all, there should be trust between partners. What should we understand when we say trust?

For example
Trust is a big mountain, it stands strong for years, but if there is a strong earthquake once, it is also easy, so try not to lose your faith. When will a person realize that he is a person, of course, when everyone trusts him!

First of all, protect your trust, I believe in you! You will definitely do it all

Act as if failure is impossible!
This is a test for you, you have the strength to continue! I believe! And of course I love you โ™กโ€Œโ€Œ