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Akhrorova Sarvinoz 

The Historical Cities of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia, it has indelible history related to people or cities. Samarkand is often the first place for tourists- with magnificent buildings.

Samarkand is famous with Registan and its madrasahs. The Registan complex of mosque and madrasahs(Islamic schools) decorated with ceramic tiles. From here, people can branch out to the enormous Bibi Khanum mosque, or instead visit the striking Gur Emir mausoleum of Timur himself, which would inspire the Taj Mahal, built by Timur’s descendants of the Mughal dynasty. Ulugh Beg’s or Shir Dor,Shah-i-Zinda were madrasahs (universities)which students study there in 15th century.

Next historical city is Bukhara with Po-i-Kalan, Lyabi Hauz buildings. For instance, Po-i-Kalan was built in 1127,however related to some reasons like earthquakes, the ‘new’ mosque was built in 1514 and served as Bukhara’s main mosque, with space for up to 10,000 worshippers. Visiting this mosque is free, when tourists visit, they can know what they want about this building.

Next place which is famous with buildings is Khiva. Khiva stands out with unusual architecture, with its enclosed houses with their courtyard private apartments. Khiva is essentially an open-air museum with Ichan kal’a(castle). There are over 50 historical sites in its tiny old town. Most historical buildings are famous with how they were built, although how many centuries have passed, they have not lost their own image. In fact, Khiva is Central Asia’s very first UNESCO World Heritage city.

Tashkent is next historical and modern city in Uzbekistan, When tourists visit to Tashkent, they can find and enjoy its stunning view. Compare to other cities there are so many highrise buildings and historical monuments. For example, Kukaldosh madrasah or Amir Temur’s museum, Zangi Ota shrine are help to know both Tashkent and some people’s life history.

Akhrorova Sarvinoz is 19 years old, and a junior student of the National University of Uzbekistan, named after Mirzo Ulugbek.

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