Essay from Akramov (needs to be May 1)

Central Asian teen boy with short brown hair and brown eyes and a gray coat and blue jacket standing on a stage in front of white curtains and the Uzbek flag

Dream, goal and success

We know that everyone has a dream. This dream will not be achieved without difficulty. In order for a dream not to remain a dream, it is necessary to strive, search, act, and work. In order for you to do what you love, you need to complete 3 steps and follow these three paths. The first is to choose a dream, the second is to turn a dream into a goal, and the third is to achieve success tirelessly on the way to the goal. First, you need to dream of a job that you like and enjoy. For this dream, you need to flow continuously. In the second case, in order to make your chosen dream come true, you need to set a deadline and do what you want to do within that period. is the third stage road. That is, as long as you shoot from the first and second stages, you will find the fruits of your labor. This success will change your life. Money may also increase your knowledge. I also needed time to understand these words. But Marahimov Bahodir Olimovich, the education teacher of the Margilan city specialized school, taught this to us, the students, the early days of the country. As long as there are such teachers, the country will not stop blooming.

Akramov is the son of Gulomnazar Kamoliddin. He was born on April 10, 2008 in Okhunboboyev (now Koshtepa) district. The pursuit of knowledge has finally paid off. The artist has tested, applied, worked and searched for many of his knowledge in life, so now he studies where he wants. He is in secondary school No. 30 in Koshtepa district, then in former IDUMI 1 (now Koshtepa district specialized school), and now he is a 9th “Blue” grade student of Margilan city specialized school.