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Important rules for staring work

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9th grade student


For many people, work is more important than family. Of course, the owners of every profession it is, be it builders, teachers, engineers, servants, doctors, salesmen, entrepreneurs, in any situation. they spend time on work. Most people find different ways to look for a job; they carefully check the place where they are going to work, they study in training courses, some people in some tofi become incapacitated for work due to some random events.

People with such a factor love their work, their profession, they work with pleasure, even if they work all day, there is no fatigue at all they are the best in their field, and with this they feel happy, and they never work under compulsion.

In 2010, Marcy was named the best teacher in New York. This woman was recommended to become a dean of the university. But she only chose her profession, she says that she likes her profession, she just enjoys teaching. Marcy did not regret her decision and taught for many years. Another celebrity is also asking him to demote his position. the reason for this was that the management activity started to prevent him from showing his creative potential.

Charles Kettering, the exponent of showing his creative potential. Charles Kettering, the founder of the ignition contact system, was the vice-president of the company ‘‘General Motors’’

You should always be able to set a deadline when you start something, that is you write down the clock with the exact date time.

Learn to praise. Get along with your team at work. Learn how to motivate each employee for their work according to their personalities.

Keyword: General Motors, President

Introduction; You should always have friends around you who are highly knowledgeable and are always working on themselves, and you should have a teacher who is a master of your craft.

What you should do

-to be the best in your field

-to approach work with responsibility

-you should always communicate properly with other people

-you should do something useful without wasting your time

-you should have a good relationship with your partners

-you must be able to take risks in any aituation

– always make a good impression on the people around you, make an effort

-be loyal to your work in any situation, don’t give up your work

-creating an atmosphere of professionalism

-order, respect

And always evaluate yourself when you go to the street or to work,  pay attention to your appearance. And be able to earn the trust of your friends at work, have sincere conversation with customers, respect the listener, do not interrupt him or her when he or she speaks, you can speak after the end of rakat speech

-be bold,determined,responsible and enthusiastic.

Take the initiative to make your work interesting.

Do not be afraid of difficulties. Be independent to yourself, problems don’t let it happen. Always listen carefully when meeting with partners. Because it helps you.

-be a good listener, the ear will protect you from falling into awkward situations. [Frank Tiger]

What should you focus on

-don’t be impatient, always listen to your interlocutor’s opinion.

-do not be indifferent to your interlocutor

Conclusion; In short, if you are always responsible for your work and love your work, you will always achieve results and you can sign contracts with many partners. Making the right decision will always benefit you and those around you.

Then everyone will approach their work with sincerity like you.

Recommendation: pay attention to how you spend your time, write down your daily plans and put them into practice, and you will achieve quick and easy results.

And read every job responsibly, don’t make mistakes when submitting the job application.

-assign employees based on their beliefs and abilities.

Books to read:

-how to climb the career ladder

[Dale Carnegie]

-a book of modern manners of a man who knows the eye of work

[Dale Carnegie]

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