Essay from Atajanova Ogultuwakh Makhsadowna

The role of Annimarie Schimmel in the history of Uzbekistan

It is known to many people that the people of Uzbekistan have followed Islam since time immemorial.
Therefore, some of our scholars have conducted research on the reasons for the emergence of the history of Islam.
Not only our scientists, but also non-religious people were interested in this situation.

Annimarie Schimmel, the leading German scholar of Islam in Germany in 1925, is one of those interested.
Her work "Johnon Mening John" occupies a great place in the history of Islam.
Throughout her life, Mrs. Schimmel has brought to the attention of culture lovers profound and discussion-provoking facts about Islam and its history.

On October 12, 1995, she was awarded the "Peace" prize by the German Book Organization, which clearly reveals the importance of her works.
Mrs. Schimmel loved the spiritual world of Islam with all her heart, and for this reason Muslims give her great recognition.

The work "Jonon mening jonimda", translated into Uzbek, is adapted to highlight the life, customs and cultures of women and girls in the Islamic world.
During the work, the lady tried to shed light on the importance of women and girls in the Islamic world over the centuries, and I would not be mistaken if I say that she succeeded.

The work mainly deals with books on the history of Islam and controversial topics in them.
   Emphasizing, the issues of wrong propagation of religion and disrespect for women and girls were specially touched upon.
     It is mentioned in the work that from the time of the Pailambars, women were given honor, education and upbringing, and they were even allowed to participate in battles as commanders.

       When Mrs. Schimmel wrote the work, there were no deviations or exaggerations in the laws of Islam regarding women and girls.
  For this reason, it is natural that Mrs. Schimmel and her works are glorified not only in the history of Uzbekistan, but also in the eyes of people who believe in the religion of Islam all over the world.