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Aziza Umurzakova
The role of preschool education, family and society in child education

Abstract:  Through this article, you will learn about the role of pre-school education, family and society in child education. 
Keywords:  Child education, family education, community impact, small state, educational departments.

In 1779, Johann Friedrich Oberlin and Louise Scheppler founded the first institution in Strasbourg for the care and education of preschool children whose parents were away during the day. [5] Around the same time, in 1780, that similar infant institutions were established in Bavaria , in 1802 Pauline zur Lippe founded a preschool in Detmold.
Pre-school, also known as a kindergarten, primary school or play school, is an educational institution that offers children early childhood education before they begin compulsory primary school education. It can be public or private and may be subsidized by public funds.

When talking about the education system, which is of decisive importance in our lives, we have to repeat the wise words of our grandfather Abdulla Avloni: education is a matter of life and death for us," said the President.  

No matter what field we choose, we cannot achieve any changes or a prosperous life without educating modern mature personnel. 

The preparation of such personnel, the healthy gene pool of the nation, begins first of all with the preschool education system. When you compare a child who attended kindergarten with a child who did not attend kindergarten, it is not difficult to notice that there is a huge difference in their thinking level. That is why we raised the issue of revision of the preschool education system to the level of state policy and started great work in this regard. If we do not carry out this work thoroughly, it will be difficult for us to achieve a quality change in the entire education system, to ensure the continuity of education, - Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Education is a social phenomenon.  It is from the time when the personal society appeared there is.  In order for a person to be the most perfect breed on earth, he must first be educated necessary.  Abu Lays Samarkandi's work "Bostanul-arifin" on upbringing and education explaining the meaning: "O son, before you educate your children, A well-mannered, well-mannered, and educated person grows up in a well-educated family is enough," he said.  This idea has a special place in Ibn Sina's work.  "To whom Whatever Pandu advises, follow it yourself first," says Allama.  

East thinkers, pedagogic scientists, what is the education for raising a perfect person who justified its necessity, its essence and content. The educational process is organized between educators and students and is a goal-oriented collaborative process. The purpose of education is to form a comprehensive personality. The content of education is related to the set goals and tasks knowledge, skills, beliefs, personality qualities that should be acquired by students character, behavior system is understood.

Preschool Educational Institution, in turn, cooperates with parents those who started it.  This is the most effective cooperation with the family in raising a child one of the methods.  The content of work with parents is varied  and it is necessary to discuss some issues together.  

For example:  

• about the role of the family in raising children, the role of parents laws on preparing children for school;
• on the annual work plan of the pre-school education institution; 
• issues about the work of the parents' community are among them.

According to scientific sources, human personality is formed under the influence of three factors.The first of them is the influence of the external social environment in which a person is born and grows up. The second is social education that is systematically given to a person over a long period of time. Is the effect of upbringing, and finally, the third is genetic, which is given to a person through generation is the influence of factors.  Thus, in the psychic development of a person and personal The role of the external social environment and education is decisive in the formation of qualities is important.  This, in turn, is the role of the family and society in the upbringing of the child's personality also shows that the role is extremely large.

 In short, preschool education, family and society in child education also has an equal contribution.  Because the child is the first to receive education in the family further forms, strengthens and brief explanation in preschool education, learns the elements of education through advice or games.  And the upbringing he had certainly applies in society and mutual relations.  This is the basis of child education is considered.

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