Essay from Bakhora Baxtiyorova


Do you struggle to get up in the morning?
Remember when you had an important job and overslept on the day of your exam?
No, because you know why you need to wake up.
When you wake up in the morning, look out the window,
spring is around, if you look around when it’s late after spending the day, autumn has come
This morning, another door of opportunities was opened for us to change our lives. A new day was given. Draw a conclusion from your mistakes, don’t repeat those mistakes this morning!!!

Our first task in this life is to make ourselves happy. To be able to set goals for our own life, to live by ourselves. To think about our future at least a little, to think about who we are now. and we have to start by realizing who we will be in the future!!! First of all, the first principle of human life begins with self-acceptance. Accept yourself. The people around you are like a mirror to you. Be able to see your mistakes and shortcomings. Keep negative people away from you.

Don’t pay attention to the people who laugh at you saying “You can’t do it” and keep silent! Be committed to your goals. Don’t give up on trivial excuses and don’t be weak! The world is not all rainbows and shining sun. The world is very cruel and only the strong can endure. You and I or no one can hit as hard as life hits. It’s not about how much life can or can’t hit you. No matter how hard it hits you. It’s not about how many hits you can take.

Don’t point the finger at others saying that it happened because of him when you’ve taken the blows. This is an act of absolute cowards, and you should separate yourself from them.
For people in this life, it doesn’t matter how much you are struggling and you are giving all your strength to it. What is important for people is the RESULT you have achieved. ‘changing result. If you say that one day you will not be a slave to people who have a purpose, act today. It’s okay if you have fallen a thousand times, don’t stop! Get up, it might be the same this time. Search, develop, grow, work more on yourself! Don’t give up hope every day you are given an opportunity. Don’t look for excuses…. Never… don’t look for excuses..

Are you not getting enough sleep at night? Are you out of strength?…If you work harder than today, someday people will work for you.

Stay away from people who have a bad opinion about you. Be purposeful with a plan! Link your life to goals. Try to find your own solution to the problems that arise. If you don’t fight to find the solution to those problems, it will never end..Make time count…Every minute..Every hour seconds.Those SECONDS can bring success to your ascension. You may have made mistakes in the past. Don’t dwell on those mistakes for too long. Draw conclusions from them! Draw conclusions from what those mistakes gave you and what they took away from you. Make a new decision! Make a plan for your life. If you dwell on the past for too long, you may miss the opportunities that have been given to you in your present life. Don’t torture yourself with the past. Live only with the future. Be able to see your achievements in it. Action! Action and only Action! .,WITHOUT ACTION. nothing can be achieved. Believe in your own strength and knowledge. Everything in this life will end. However, knowledge is an exception. No matter how much it is spent, it will not end. And its zakat is to give to others. If you say that you can act, hundreds of thousands of dying cells in your brain will be activated. You only and just believe in yourself. Put the “I must do it” thing in front. Test yourself every minute and second!

Bakhora Bakhtiyorova.