Essay from Bahora Baxtiyorova

Abdurazzoq Khanov

ABDURAZZOQ KHANOV, a native of Uzbekistan

Today, one of my favorite people is “I chose Abdurazzak Khanvov.”

Despite his young age, Abdurazzoq has achieved a number of achievements (I’ll try to write it in a simple way). Abdurazzoq Khanov was born in Uzbekistan in 2006. He can be an example to the younger generation. Abdurazzoq scored 7.0 in the International IELTS test at the age of 15 and 8.0 at the age of 16. And now his IELTS score 8 (triple scores of eight)

Teacher of more than a thousand students and founder of online courses, author of valuable and useful books on IELTS.

In addition, Abdurazzok Khanov is engaged in marketing. Almost every month, he holds free seminars, trainings, master classes for his students in Uzbekistan, and shares his knowledge.

It should be mentioned that Abdurazzaq is a book lover, a well-rounded person and a good teacher for his students.

I wish Abdurazzoq Khanov, a native of Uzbekistan, only and only high flights.

“May all your goals and dreams come true Abdurazzak”

Author Bakhora Bakhtiyorova was born on March 21, 2006 in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Journalist, monologist of international American and Kenyan magazines.