Essay from Bakhora Bakhtiyorova

Young Central Asian woman with short black hair, reading glasses, a gray jacket and necklace and white wristwatch. She's outside near some green conifer trees.

Future Leader girl of Uzbekistan

If  a person sets a real goal, if his intention is good, he will definitely achieve what he thinks.”

Author of translations of more than 100 scientific journalistic articles, participant of about 50 international forums and conferences, delegate of the Malaysian Youth Summit, participant of the international summits of the “Juntos por las Letras” writer’s association of Argentina. , Candidate of the “Double Wing” award of Uzbekistan. International speaker of “Shishiulash Global Youth Club” of Bangladesh.

Bakhora Bakhtiyorova daughter of Asliddin, a 11th-grade student of the 84th general education school of the Payariq district of the Samarkand region. The district has achieved several achievements in the region, the republic, and the international arena.

In particular, Bakhora  is a member of Pakistan’s “Women and Youth Organization for Education, Culture and Art. Ambassador. Global Ambassador Organization Argentina, New Zealand Leadership-based “Global Goodwill Ambassador 2023” India Foundation “Development of Technology Methods” .Member of Bangladesh’s global youth club “Shishiuluash” international organization. Member of The Kingdom of New Atlantic Heritage Organization. Member of Argentina’s “Juntos por las Letras” writer’s association from Uzbekistan.
Volunteer member of “Human rights” organization working in cooperation with “UNESCO”. Republic “Golden Wing” Association of Volunteers, member “Upward Growth forum” delegate.
Articles, Great Britain, Kenya, Washington,
Published in Argentina, India, Turkey, Washington, Uzbekistan.

In addition, Bakhora’s article was included in the anthology that was sold to 26 countries of the world.

Author Bakhora Bakhtiyorova
Future International journalist