Essay from Bakhora Bakhtiyorova

The author, Bakhora Bakhtiyorova, sits in a poofy black chair on the left in a white blouse and blue jeans. Her sister holds her hand and sits next to her and is dressed up in a brown business suit. There are pine trees out the window.

SiSTER FARANGIZ (For my Best friend and sister Farangiz)

Today I want to write about my sister-FARANGIZ she is my close friend, my helpful person.

Actually, my joy is endless, now at the end of the post I will tell you why, I am the most precious person, my pain, my shoulder, my friend, my guide, my advice sister
Actually, my sister is not Radnoy’s sister, she is my uncle’s daughter, but we are close in all things. When we are together, we are always happy and smiling. When I am with them, I always feel comfortable. They always support me.
I don’t need any friends! I rarely have a friend I can trust!
But I don’t need a friend when I have a sister!
They are my sister, my friend, my advisor, my pain, my understanding, my listener, my comforter, my encourager, my protector, my teacher, all of them are embodied in this person.
Sometimes we fight, but most of the time I think it’s because I get angry very quickly.
My sister understands this character.

Thank u for existence Thank u for all memorable moments.
My dear.
I can’t tell my feelings for u
Just love u

Author Bakhora Bakhtiyorova  Asliddin Daughter.
Was born 2006 21 March in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Currently 17 years old.
She is a future international journalist.