Essay from Bakhtiyorova Gavkhar

Young Central Asian woman with dark black hair, brown eyes, earrings and a white tee shirt.

This is a short instructive article about one of the leading university which is established in the district of Surkhandarya province, Denau Institute of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy at the Republic of the Uzbekistan.

     DIEP is one of the youngest university which established in 2020 but in today’s situation, more than 7000 students are studying at this university. The essential thing of this university divided into two main faculties: 1) pedagogy, philology and teaching language, Russian language and literature, Foreign language and literature, history, primary education and sports, preschool education, Mathematics and informatics, methodology of teaching informatics, applied mathematics and computer science.

2) entrepreneurship, physics, chemistry, biology, economy, accounting and auditing, business management, finance and financial technologies, banking and auditing.

In general, There are four faculties which is listed as follows:

philology faculty,

pedagogy faculty,

entrepreneurship and management faculty,

faculty of exact and natural science.

Seal for the Denou Institute of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy. Green circle around a blue and yellow image of a book and a graduation cap. Green text reads DTPI and 2020.

Entrepreneurship is the most vital tool in economy of the country. In addition, world needs highly trained professionals who mastered different skills. Students who have studying there which is develop their pedagogical and entrepreneurship skills, this is all about preparation for the future job. Moreover, language is also one of the essential thing among people and countries. There are five languages which are taught at the DIEP, which are English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Italian and Arabic.

DIEP provides students with endless opportunities for the students, such as: university students have access to the library and it is the fact that there is more than 15,000 books in library and there is also perfect atmosphere and you can take energy while reading or sitting in the library. Additionally, students can use the full advantage of the technology at university.

As one of the most talented and active student of this university. I highly recommend you to come to Uzbekistan and study with us. It can be provide you with endless opportunities to study, learn, research as well as practice everything you learned.

                Come and join us

        We all will be only happy