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Barnokhan Ruziyeva

Ibrat Academy

The 21st century is the age of information technologies. Today, we cannot imagine our life without these innovations. Their scale is developing not by the day, but by the hour.

It is possible to easily send and receive information from one end of the world to another, and even communicate freely with them. Such news and innovations could not even be imagined by mankind 100 years ago.

In the global community, language is the most effective tool for mankind. Learning a language opens up so many possibilities that we can’t even count them all. Knowledge of the language helps not only in communication, but also in achieving success in the world. The level of the IELTS-language certificate is high worldwide. A certificate is also required from the candidate to get a visa when going abroad or to get a new job.

A new “Ibrat Academy” project aimed at improving the level of knowledge of world languages was founded in Uzbekistan. Before it was announced, this project reached a million views on social networks: You Tube and Telegram. “Ibrat Academy” is a project based on free, high-quality and creative teaching of foreign languages. In this project, people of any age can learn a new language, improve their knowledge, and take part in tests based on their knowledge.  In order to make it more convenient for students, an official application was created, which includes useful video lessons by qualified experts. It creates an opportunity to learn the language easily in any case, at any time. More than 20 language courses and thousands of tests took place from this project. Of course, another basis of language learning is vocabulary. In the project, this issue has been thoroughly considered, and a section of dictionaries has also been created. Each learner can track the scores collected by completing the tests in the “Leaderboard” section. There are even many young people who have won many prizes through their knowledge. Each learner who completes a new language course will receive a certificate. At the last stage, all knowledge is tested and determined by artificial intelligence. Learners can also communicate with the artificial intelligence, even observing its mistakes and shortcomings, giving some instructions.

The heads of the project are Alisher Sadullayev and Rustam Koriyev, and in order to achieve the goal of the project, they and their team are working together to promote actions throughout the republic. Among them, G’iduvan district of Bukhara region strengthened its rating at the republic level. In this matter, the contributions of the district governor Sh. Ashurov, project leaders H. Tokhtayev, Sh. Sharipov, Y. Asadov, etc. Extensive work is being done in the field of education in the district.

It is no exaggeration to say that the expected goal has already been achieved in this project. The project is not only limited to language teaching, but also helps to add Uzbekistan to the ranks of developed countries.

I am also one of the captains of the Ibrat academy of Gijduvon district. Our team has been leading the way in the promotion of the project since the beginning of the project in the republic. We, the youth, are worthy children who will be a strong foundation for the future of the Motherland, and we will strive bravely towards the noble goal set before us. And of course we justify the trust given to us.

Ruziyeva Barnokhan was born on November 28, 2006 in Gijduvon district, Bukhara region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. She writes and translates poems in her free time. In 2017, the poetry collection “Nurli koshona” and “Mehrigiyo” was published in 2020. Her poems were published in the Turkish language in the Turkish anthology organized by Turkey, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.’’Motivations for your success” is published in English by the JEF publishing house of the Republic of Moldova. It is available for sale in 26 countries of the world. In June 2023, a poem and an article were published in the German “Raven Cage” magazine. Today, she is a member and ambassador of several organizations. In Uzbekistan, about 20 of her creative works have been published in magazines and newspapers.

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