Essay from Behruz Toshtemirov

“What is the difference between literature and other sciences?”

Republic of Uzbekistan

Surkhandarya region

in Jarkurgan district

 of secondary school No. 2

native language and literature teacher

Muhabbat Mahmudova Pardayevna

              Literature is related to all fields. Literature is closely related to the fields of spirituality, sophistication, art, and history. Spirituality (Arabic for “moral state” is the image of the nation. It directs a person to perfection and purifies his soul. Our first president I.A. Karimov “Literature is anthropology and poets and writers are described as engineers of the human soul, it is not for nothing that it is not difficult to understand that literature is one of the tools that elevates spirituality. literature will live forever. Because it reflects a high spirituality. For example, the epic “Alpomish” embodies the high spirituality of the Uzbek nation. When we read it, courage, honesty, and kindness are the most important, and the feeling of love for the motherland grows in our blood. beats more violently.

          The relationship between literature and art is that through its only tool, the word, it evokes a world of impressions and pleasure in the reader. Look at the two verses of A. Navoi;

You made us a victim by decorating your face with flowers,

He touched your face and made us victims.

through similes and beautiful lies, the creator has turned these stanzas into art. As an artist can create a work of art, a poet has created a work of art that is no less enjoyable.

literature goes hand in hand with history. History tells what happened, literature describes how it was.

        Imagery is an important tool in literature, as in all works of art. Imagery (Russian “common image”) is the reflection of the reality of existence in creative artistic thinking. For example; A flower is a plant that brightens the eyes, but in the eyes of a poet, it turns into a beautiful flower.

       The artist enjoys and is influenced by life while creating his work. The more the work is based on the logic of life, the more readers it will have. Literature takes all its materials from life; It expresses reality in an artistic way. That is, it is the opposite (perception) of literature, but exactly not himself. Because life is not based on literature, literature is based on life. A work inspired by imagination and high emotions is also built on a vital, logical basis. Because life and emotions themselves are vital concepts. The perception of reality in a person’s mind is an understood, meaningful perception.

          Life is not simply reflected in literature. The reflection of life in literature is a known, understood, meaningful reflection the artist observes life and comes to general conclusions and reflects these conclusions in his work – judges reality…

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